A quick look back…and forward…?

Waaaay back last summer, when Phro*Zen was mostly an idea and not so much a reality, we started our little “scoop events.” We would bring a cooler of our ice cream, some hand-crafted business cards, a couple scoops, and a whole lot of hope that not everyone would think we were crazy, to the sidewalk in front of Park+Vine. Ellen, myself, Derek, and a few other helpers along the way would sit out front scooping up samples for anyone that would take them just to get the word out about Phro*Zen – and that along with some seriously great press and outside help has done the trick!

Our little sample events have gotten bigger (which we love!), meaning we get to give out more ice cream, and talk to more people about what we do, why we love it, and how we can make it better. Most recently, we sponsored a Yelp! event. Yep. A Yelp! event. I couldn’t believe it either, but here’s some proof.

Shoddy cell phone photo of Ellen and me at Below Zero
Alex Shebar, the fearless leader of all things Yelp! here in Cincinnati, puts on quite the party and we were excited just to be there, let alone be a sponsor. We met so many great people while we were there! We ran into a few Phro*Zen faithfuls (good to see you Zack and Jessica!) as well as a few new and friendly faces. Overall I think it served as a great reminder of why we do what we do. We love to talk with people, learn more about the community we’re lucky to be in, and what we can do to make it a better place (one scoop at a time, eh?).
A big thank you goes out to Dan Korman of Park+Vine for getting us started and continuing to support us. Another thank you to Alex Shebar for reminding us how sweet it is to be a part of Cincinnati nightlife.
Check out Yelp! for more events you’ll want to go to here in Cincinnati – there’s more going on than you’d think!
And check back here for news about our next scoop event, which is coming up very soon! More on that tomorrow. . .

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