A small moment of realization

After a long day of work that led to a long commute home that led to a long evening of work in the kitchen, I decided to take a half hour break and flipped on No Reservations. While a slightly squidgy-around-the-edges but still so entertaining Anthony Bourdain toured me around India via my television screen, I reflected on my day of work, and how it still wasn’t over.

New flavor for spring...working on perfecting it, then I'll announce what it is.

As my eyelids started getting heavy at the thought of doing it all again tomorrow, a Delta commercial came on. It’s not very often that I actually pay attention to ads, but this one caught my attention for whatever reason, and I’m glad it did – not because it made me want to fly Delta, but for a little quote. Somewhere in all of that nonsense that I can only assume was about legroom and peanuts, the voiceover made a remark about the wind, and when you’re a pilot, you learn that you need it to lift you. “The thing you push against is the thing that lifts you up.”

I was stunned for a few moments at the thought that the same company that had frustrated me and kept me stuck in terminals so many times had just presented me with a realization. I work really hard at everything I do, and I often feel exhausted (hey, who doesn’t, right?) despite the fact that the work is never done. But when I think about it, that work, those things I push against, whether it’s making recipes better, or stretching the limits of my often sleep-deprived days, are also what allow me to do what I love.

I won’t pretend I don’t have a long way to go, and a whole lot of changes to make, but at the end of a day as long as this, the ultimate reward of the work is beyond any description. In essence, the experience of creating new flavors, and making our recipes better so that maybe someone who tastes our ice cream will smile, lifts me up. Everyone who supports us, everyone who has gotten us this far, and everyone who will be with us as we grow, you lift us up, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

We’re all working hard, especially today, but when I get to make ice cream, it’s not so much work as it is a reward when I think about the people who are along with us to raise a spoon. Thank you. Love.

Check back for an interview with another local blogger that went from omnivore to vegan!

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