Stick with us…

I love getting mail. You know what I love even more than getting mail? Getting stuff in the mail, packages, and boxes of stuff, and today was one of those glorious days when I arrived home to a brown box at the door. It was addressed to Phro*Zen LLC, which still makes me smile like a geek, so I opened it. What was inside? Samples of soymilk? A golden ice cream scoop? That “As Seen On TV” shake weight I’d accidentally ordered at 3a.m. last weekend? No. Better. Here’s a photo:

I haven't felt such an affinity for stickers since elementary school when I wouldn't have known the word "affinity."

Well, that’s a really small photo, but I promise they’re really cool, and I’ll get a better photo up when I figure out what went wrong with this one. Dern technology. Anyway, you may have noticed that they’re not all our signature green shade you’re  used to. That is because we’re starting a gourmet line (the purple sticker will be on the front) and an allergy-friendly line (the blue sticker{inspired by one little dude named Kai} will be on the front, with “allergy-friendly” written in the white ring arounf the logo). We’re expanding, and it’s so exciting. We hope you’re all excited too! These new pints will be rolling out soon, but you can watch for updates here, and everywhere else we post on the web (Facebook, Twitter).

I’ll write again soon! Have a wonderful day all! Love.


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