Ooh la la almond!

Spring is officially here as of yesterday, and we are so ready to enjoy it! In the spirit of new growth and beginnings, we’re revealing our first gourmet flavor: Almond Fig Awakening

Almond Fig Awakening, the first flavor to be released in our gourmet line. Fancy teacup not included.

It’s creamy, dreamy almond Phro*Zen with sliced dried figs that really accentuate the sweetness of the almond. In short, it’s a fancified, animal product free, delicious little indulgence. It’s rather fitting that the fig tree is a symbol of sweetness and abundance, no? It’s also a symbol of prosperity and good luck. In fact, it was a sacred fig tree that Buddha sat beneath when he found enlightenment, so eating a fig in your ice cream can’t be all bad!

It’ll be hitting Park+Vine and Meals-To-Go freezers this week, along with more flavors. Keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter to find out where and when you can get it!

For those o


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