Local Businesses We Love: LW Photographics

It’s no secret that we’re wild about Cincinnati, community events, and local living in general. It also comes as no surprise that a whole lot of people don’t see the perks of living in Cincinnati – I’ve been seeing a whole lot of those “Cincinnati’s Just OK” bumper stickers lately. When the people that live here don’t appreciate our city, who will?? Well, I personally hope that the revitalization of the Over-the-Rhine and downtown areas will bring about some more positive attitudes about the worth of the city, and if the overall upswing of the growth there doesn’t make someone a little more jovial, maybe a drink at any one of the unique and well-appointed bars in the area will.

So, why the rant about Cincinatti naysayers? Because there are so many unique and wonderful things about our city that could really change that “Just OK” attitude, if you’re willing to take a look. A whole lot of those unique and wonderful things are the local businesses we’re surrounded by. I interviewed a local photographer that’s created a business out of her passion for looking at things from a different viewpoint to start us off, because, well, I personally love her work, and I thought that maybe – just maybe – someone out there might see Cincinnati from a different viewpoint, too.

Q: First of all, introduce yourself! What’s your name, and what do you do?

My name is Laura Wendling, and I’m the girl behind the camera of LW Photographics. I shoot a lot of artistic photography, but also do freelance photography.

Artistic photography is my means to break away from the everyday routine of life. It challenges my mind to see everyday objects from a new perspective and effectively convey this perspective to others.

Freelance photography gives me the opportunity to capture a variety of local events around the Cincinnati area. It is important to me to add a modern, urban-chic edge to the photos of local events I shoot. By doing so, I hope to allow the viewer to see things through a new set of eyes. 

Q: How long have you been in photography? Did you study it in college, or pick it up through practice?

Laura: I’ve been interested in photography for quite a while as a hobby, but only recently started LW Photographics. Prior to living in the Cincinnati area, I lived in a small town community. When I moved to a more urban area, life began to move faster. I realized that being able to “capture moments” became really important to me.

I went to school for cartography and graphic design at an environmental resource college in southwestern Ontario. Throughout my post-secondary education, I really developed an eye for detail.

After completing the cartography program, I studied urban planning at University of Waterloo. 

Q: What inspired you to create a small business out of your photography?

Laura: I decided to start LW Photographics when a lot of my friends and family were taking interest in the artistic based photographs that I was capturing. It gave me a great sense of satisfaction to see how a photograph would take their minds off all the busy-ness of their fast-paced, modern lives to appreciate the seemingly insignificant details of the word around them. 

Q: What has been one of the challenges you’ve run into as far as small business goes?

Laura: When I first started LW Photographics, it was a challenge to figure out the best way to connect with people that shared common interests.

As I became more and more involved in freelance photography, I began to develop relationships with local businesses and artists. This has really helped get my art out into a number of areas in Cincinnati, including OTR, Northside Cincinnati and Hyde Park. 

Q: What are some of the positive experiences you’ve had with small business, or photography in general? 

Laura: One of the most positive experiences I’ve had is my involvement in OTR. OTR is truly a unique community. Small businesses work together and welcome each other with open arms, instead of competing against each other. It is truly a family, a close-knit community. People are willing to help and support each other.

Q: Are there things about Cincinnati that are uniquely challenging or that have a positive influence on your work?

Laura: Cincinnati is such a diverse area, which makes it a really exciting area to photograph. Within a twenty minute drive you can find a wide variety of “backdrops” such as street art, historic buildings, skyscrapers, rural and natural areas. 

Q: What are some of the most unique images you’ve captured thus far?

Laura: My most unique and most popular series is my ‘froot.loop’ series. It consists of seven photographs that were captured within a two week time span.

People have said they really like the series because it brings them back to their childhood. The colorfulness of the photographs really lightens the viewers overall mood. I think it gives them a much needed distraction from the regular stresses of life.

Q: What do you hope to do in the future with your work – any projects lined up?

Laura: I hope to continue to have photography shows throughout Cincinnati, and I’m constantly looking for host venues. Also, I hope to continue to working to promote local businesses through photography. I really enjoy working with local business owners to capture unique, promotional photographs of their businesses.

I’ve also just started a new website, which combines my love of photography with my strong value I put on living a healthy lifestyle. The website is called LW Foodographics and will feature recipes and fitness tips that endorse my nutritional and fitness beliefs. I plan on writing articles about local food and health-oriented businesses to give people in the Cincinnati area a better idea of what healthy options are available in the local area.

Any local health-oriented businesses that are interested in being featured on LW Foodographics, can connect with me at kearnsee@gmail.com

What’s the best way to keep updated on latest LW Photographics news?

My two main methods of keeping people updates is through the “news” section on lwphotographics.com and my twitter account (@lwphotographics). Also, check in regularly at lwfoodographics.blogspot.com

Any Cincinnati galleries and businesses that would be interested in displaying some of my photography or having some photography of their business done, can connect with me at kearnsee@gmail.com



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