Local Business We Love: Sweet Peace Bakery

Hey all you lovely people! We hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend. We’ve been hard at work in the kitchen prepping for some events coming up, but we wanted to share our interview with another of our favorite local businesses – Sweet Peace Bakery! If you haven’t checked out these vegan goodies, you can grab them at Park+Vine, where you can pick up a pint of Phro*Zen to eat along with them 🙂 Anyway, I’ll let you read more about this fabulous bakery run by one sweet woman.
So, first of all, introduce yourself – what’s your name, and what do you do?

My name is Mary Beth King. By day I am the campaign manager for Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati and then I bake up the vegan goodness out of the Sweet Peace Bakery kitchen and occasionally teach a yoga class.

Q: What inspired you to start your business?

Mary Beth: I became vegan about 5 years ago, maybe more… who’s counting right? Upon becoming vegan I soon realized that my dessert options were few and far between. So, I started baking. I love dessert and couldn’t see not having sweets in my life. I was also going to vegan potlucks sharing the desserts I’d made. It then dawned on me that vegans other than myself shared my cravings for dessert. Thus, Sweet Peace Bakery was born.

Q: What are some of the challenges or opportunities you’ve come upon in regards to your business?

Mary Beth: Some of my favorite things about having a bakery (business) is the opportunity to meet new people, talk about veganism, and most importantly to me, give back. I have donated items recently to an Eve Center event, Habitat for Humanity, Sycamore Schools, and Ohio Citizen and Action. I’m not always in a position to donate baked goods, but always do what I can.

Q: I know I’ve definitely got some favorite Sweet Peace treats – “Betterfingers” are one of those favs. Do you have a favorite?

Mary Beth: My favorited thing to do is fill private orders. I put love into everything I bake, there is something special about knowing that my baked goods are going to a wedding or a birthday or anything really to celebrate a joyous event.

Q: The “Betterfingers” are sort of a replacement for Butterfingers, right? Are there any other “substitutes” (that we often think are much tastier!) that you make? What has the response to those vegan options been like?

Mary Beth: I have the Oatmeal Dream Pie, replacing the Oatmeal Cream Pie and a Voreo being a more cake/cookie Oreo. I sell quite a few of them!

Q: Finally, a little more about you – are there some things unique to Cincinnati that you really enjoy? Do you have any favorite vegan spots around town, or favortie vegan dishes people might not have tried yet?

Mary Beth: Look out for the Sweet Peace VW Bus coming soon! It should make it’s way around Cincinnati this summer.

I spend a lot of time supporting the arts and other local non profits. I have season tickets to the Aronoff Broadway Series, do all the Know Theatre shows and try to catch whatever else is happening theaterwise and Ensemble and Shakespeare.

I love grabbing brunch at Melt or the Thai pumpkin soup at Myra’s.


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