April’s Feature Flavor: “Earthly Delights” feat. Grateful Grahams

It’s April, meaning Earth month has arrived, and we wanted to get into the spirit of appreciation for all things earthy with this month’s feature flavor. We collaborated with Grateful Grahams to create a play on “Mississippi mud,” and came up with “Earthly Delights.”

Chocolate Grateful Grahams. Yes, the bag is almost empty. Yes, I had something to do with that.

The ice cream flavor is pretty simple – it’s a plain vanilla – but it’s chock full of some really good stuff, sorta like our planet here. We whipped up some dark mocha frosting, chopped some roasted walnuts and chocolate chunks,  crumbled up chocolate Grateful Grahams, and threw it all in to create one tasty mix.

Celebrate Earth month with us this month and every month! When you’re done diving into your pint, please toss it into the recycling bin. Or, do what we’re doing, and start your spring seedlings in your empty pint! Wash it out first, of course. We may love eating Phro*Zen, but plants probably do better with some sunlight and soil. Happy Earth month everyone!


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