Adventures with Ida and an invitation to you

I would like to take this particular blog opportunity to introduce you to one of my four-legged friends, Ida.

Ida’s smiling at you.

If you follow us on Twitter, you know a little bit about her already, seeing as a lot of my tweets seem to focus on our craft time together (and by craft time I of course mean she just puts up with me being in the same room with whatever I’m doing, and sighs when I show her what I’ve done). A few of you might have even met her, as she’s often at the other end of a leash on her way downtown to Park+Vine with me. But for those of you that don’t know Ida, here’s a little bit about her (this is leading up to a bigger point, I promise).

Ida is about two years old, and she’s an adopted greyhound. A few months back, Derek (taste-tester and boyfriend o’ mine) searched through a whole bunch of websites, breeders, adoption organizations, etc. for a greyhound. He’d always wanted one, and while I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the thought of one more responsibility at a time when I was holding a full-time job and running Phro*Zen, I am so glad we got Ida.
Derek found her through the Greyhound Pets of America (Greater Cincinnati division) adoption program, where she was taken from the race track, to a foster home, to an adoptive home that was right for her – which happened to be Derek’s!
Now, even though I spend a good portion of my day alone, running around Cincinnati, and doing whatever I have to do that day, I’ve got Ida to hang out with. We go to Park+Vine together, we go for rides in my car, and we go to Neon’s for a drink at the end of a long day.
So many smells to smell.

So, you must be wondering why Im writing about a greyhound, no? Well, first off, she is not just any greyhound – she rocks. Secondly, the organization we got her through is having a fundraiser at Neons on the 29th of April in order to raise funds so that more greyhounds can go from the track to loving homes, and more people will get to adopt these great animals. Ida will be there, as will I, armed with an ice cream scoop and plenty of Phro*Zen for those that attend. You don’t have to buy tickets or anything, just show up from 5 to 9 pm at Neo’s on April 29th, and maybe donate the dollar you save at happy hour to the group. Ida would love to meet you, you can bring your dog if youve got one, eat some good food and drink great cocktails. There will be some pretty cool two-legged friends there, too! Please join us?Come see Ida at Neon’s 5-9 on April 29!


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