A ticket to good taste: Please and Phro*Zen tasting dinner

Hello there friends! We’ve been busy. With what, you ask? Oh, you’ll see. But first, let me tell you about a little event we’re hosting along with Park+Vine, and Please catering.

Saturday May 14th 6p.m.

Park+Vine on Main St.

If you buy your ticket (there are a limited number to keep it fire code friendly of course), you’ll be joining some fellow tasters in a completely vegan experience including Phro*Zen ice cream, complimentary culinary creations by Please, and coffee pairings provided by Park+Vine.

That’s right. An entirely vegan upscale ice cream social of sorts. I’m not going to give away any of the flavor combinations or anything, but believe me, you’ll want to be there. If you read our post about Please’s dinner on April 1st, you know it’ll be an experience you and your tastebuds won’t soon forget.

So where do you get your ticker? Park+Vine of course! Go down and head to the register, where you can buy your ticket and say hello to a friendly P+V associate. Join us, won’t you Please? ; )

More soon my dears! For now, love, Meg.


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