Featured flavor: June 2011: Colonel De’s Cosmic Caramel

I don’t get excited about too many things. Ok, I lied, I get excited about lots of things, and use plenty of exclamation points and gestures to make that clear, but I’m trying to express my utter love-love relationship with this month’s featured flavor. So here I go:

If I was the grinchiest, unhappiest person, who didn’t love anything (no, not even kittens or sprinkles or rainbows), I would love this flavor.

Why? Because….it’s salted caramel! Yep. A vegan salted caramel sauce is swirled into vanilla Phro*Zen to create Colonel De’s Cosmic Caramel.

For those of you who don’t know who Colonel De is, you have got to go to Findlay Market to meet this character. He has a shop full of nothing but – well everything! He has spices you’ve never smelled, powders you didn’t know existed, salts from all over the world, and teas and oils that Cleopatra might have demanded at her table. His stall is where I found some beautifully dark turbinado (a coarse grain) sugar that was infused with vanilla. I took that and created a completely dairy free caramel sauce, added some sea salt, and combined it with our vanilla flavor to provide a subtle background to the sweet and slightly salty caramel. It’s the star in this flavor, and I really hope you’ll enjoy it!

Our featured flavor is available at Picnic and Pantry in Northside right now, and will be making its rounds to Park + Vine and Meals To Go this weekend. Speaking of Meals To Go, I have some really great news about what’s coming up there….but I’ll write about that tomorrow….

Love, Meg


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