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July 21, 2011

A forgetful moment turns unforgettable

 Last week (was it last week already?!) I was a guest speaker at Wyoming Youth Services summer camp program. I brought in samples of Phro*Zen sandwiches, spoke about how I started the business, what my experience was like in the Wyoming school system, etc. Then, after a rousing game of dodgeball with the campers, I was on my way back into the summer heat – sans my reusable containers, extra stickers, and other supplies.

The camp leader was sweet enough to collect all of my items for me, and along with the package arrived a card signed by all of the campers. I thought the kids were great when I left them, but this little thank you note gave me new hope all over again.

“Thank you so much for showing us different ways of making ice cream and for caring about others and their ways of eating ice cream.”

“The ice cream was so so good!”

“Thank you for looking out for everyone’s needs.”

All I can say is that I’m blown away by the level of understanding and acceptance of others shown by the kids I was lucky enough to meet at this camp. They had so many questions, so many ideas to share, and every single one inspired me. I feel like I should write a thank you note for their thank you note. Love, Meg

July 13, 2011

An event worthy of review: Yelp Eats Iron Chef Cook-Off

If you read the last post, either below, or < back a page, you’ll remember seeing those cute little Grateful Graham Phro*Zen sandwiches we made for the Yelp event last Thursday. Well, all of those are gone. All 400. Devoured. And no, I did not eat them.

All you Yelpers did! And I’m so glad. I had a blast handing out free sandwiches and talking about Phro*Zen with some happy people. I also really appreciated the feedback, and the questions, and will look forward to many events in the future. To read more about the Yelp! event, and maybe join if you’re not a Yelper (who doesn’t love a good review and free party now and again?), click over to the event page. Oh, and while you’re there, give us a review on our Yelp! page, too!

July 7, 2011

Something cold, something new…

…something really tasty too! We’re heading out to another awesome Yelp! event tomorrow, and you know what we made? They’re almost too good to be true. Almost. But here they are…

They're chilly. They're vegan. They're free tomorrow night.

 Grateful Grahams made some mini grahams for these tasty little Phro*Zen sandwiches we’ll be slinging for free tomorrow evening. We hope to see you at the Yelp! event – we promise to try to save you one of these tasty little ‘wiches, but get there early because we can’t guarantee they’ll last long!