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October 21, 2011

We’re mad for matcha!

We’ve got a new custom flavor out at Essencha tea house in Oakley. Wanna guess what it might be? (see title of post for really obvious hint)

Well, if you guessed matcha, you’re right! If you guessed tofurkey, you just plain weren’t paying attention – but that flavor has been suggested. All guessing games aside, the matcha green tea flavor at Essencha is definitely worth a try. It’s rich, creamy, and has a wonderfully complex flavor, courtesy of the matcha tea that also gives it a unique kick of antioxidants.

What is matcha? The good folks at Essencha will be able to tell you much more about it than I can, but it is a powdered green tea, and the one used in the ice cream is called “Jade bliss.” There are all kinds of health benefits that can be gained from drinking (or in our case scooping) matcha, in part because the whole tea leaf is ground into the fine powder that then gets mixed with water – or ice cream – and enjoyed.

Go find out more about this delicious stuff at Essencha!
Essencha Tea House and Fine Teas 3212 Madison Road

October 10, 2011

Cirque du Yelp! shout outs

Last week, Abi and I tied on our aprons and took part in the delightful debauchery that was Cirque Du Yelp! Orchestrated by Yelp’s fearless leader, Alex Shebar (you’ll meet him in the video below), the party was a hit – and with jugglers, belly dancers, and balloon animals galore, it’s one that won’t quickly be forgotten. Check out the video and watch for us scooping up pumpkin Phro*Zen for all of the guests around 1:40 or so. And don’t forget to click here to review the event if you made it, or tell us what you think of Phro*Zen here!