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November 23, 2011

Feast on this!


This holiday season snuck up on us pretty quickly, but we were ready with one of our favorite fall flavors. Pumpkin pie PhroZen hit freezers in October, and we’ve been stocking and restocking it since. The feedback has been great, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support.

So, what better way to say thank you for supporting our local small business, than by supporting another small business?? We were lucky enough to come into contact with a small farmer in the area, who happened to have grown “fairytale” pumpkins this year. That got the wheels turning, and led to the limited batch of pumpkin pie flavor PhroZen that’s out now. We processed those pumpkins into our ice cream, and couldn’t be happier with the result. Working with local businesses is pretty sweet.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year – you’ve given us even more reasons to be thankful this year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Love.

June 20, 2011

Two Phro*Zen fans that will make your heart melt.

It’s a very lucky person that finds a job that they not only love, but that they find rewarding as well, and on days when I get to see people enjoying Phro*Zen I feel like there’s no one in the world as lucky as myself. Why do I say that? Because of smiles like this:

Say, "Vegan soft serve!"

Phro*Zen is now available as soft serve at Meals To Go on Winton Rd., and I’ve had the most adorable customers (and their lovely parents!) come in for a cone.

Gluten-free goodness. Yum!

 Kai, of “Kai’s Good Karma” fame, and his little sister had an allergy-friendly, totally vegan summer treat, and they gave us pretty good reviews!

A thumbs-up from Kai! Good karma does come around.

Making ice cream is a fantastic job as it is, but I couldn’t be more grateful for our Phro*Zen fan club. Thank you all for the support, and if you’ve got Phro*Zen photos you’d like to share, send them to us at! Love, Meg

March 6, 2011

Let Us Introduce Ourselves. . .

Hello all! We kind of figured if we were going to be sharing our adventures in the kitchen and elsewhere with you, we should introduce ourselves. Feel free to comment and do the same – we’d love to hear from all of you Phro*Zeners!

Tubing is for lovers.

Hey everyone! I’m Meg, the elder of the two Swallow sisters, and that’s me in the photo above goofing off during one of the snow days we had this winter. I went to Ohio University where I studied journalism. I spend a whole lot of time exploring the downtown and Over-the-Rhine areas looking for favorite new restaurants, cool new business ventures, and nifty spots to hang out. I’ll be writing a lot about that area (especially since we sell pints at Park+Vine down on Main!) not only because I really like spending time there, but because I’m excited about the growth that’s happening in our city. I’m really interested in community projects, and will be attempting to find more time to do charity work, etc., all of which I’ll write about.

Everybody wants to be a cat

 Hello! My name is Ellen, the younger of the two Phro*ZEN sisters.  I’m attending the University of Cincinnati for Psychology, if you’ve read previous news articles, yes I changed majors.  Chemical Engineering wasn’t my forte. That little cat is Button. I love her dearly as I do most animals.  I enjoy eating, crafting and all that outdoorsy stuff(camping, canoeing, hiking and whatnot).

-> Inserted by Meg about Ellen: She also creates a lot of the flavor combinations for Phro*Zen, and designed our original logo. Ellen being the more artistically inclined of the two of us, gets most of the creative assignments. She created the Phro*Zen hand design, which Dianne Durban refined and turned into the logo we have today. She is awesome.

Well, that’s it for now! You’ll learn more about us as we go, and we hope to hear from you! Enjoy your Sunday – we’ll write again very soon with an interview with Jess from Last Bites Bakery, who inspired this month’s feature flavor.

“The world is like a mirror you see? Smile and your friends smile back.” Japanese proverb